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Best Kilimanjaro Route Selection to Climb

Best Kilimanjaro Route Selection to Climb.

Kilimanjaro Mountain is the highest mountain in Africa and the tallest freestanding mountain on earth capped with an endless snow-cap. This magnificent mountain is located inside the Kilimanjaro National Park of Tanzania and to climb this Mountain means standing on the roof of Africa and adoring the breathtaking features surrounding the mountain.

Trekking through the unspoiled tropical rain forest comprised with wild animals and you will come to understand that you are among few people who have ever experience this hiking. The slides of Mount Kilimanjaro are one of the best sceneries of the world for spending vacation with a family, team building of workmates, testing your strength or coming up with new ideas for your project and also reunion of old friends because everything is unique here.

Mount Kilimanjaro Climb – Overview.

This mountain is the highest peak in Africa providing a variety of trekking option for every level of climbers from the beginners to the expert ones seeking a view from its summit.

Kilimanjaro hiking is mentally and physically demanding and should not be underestimated though a person with enough preparation can reach the summit successfully with a combination of best Kilimanjaro route to climb kilimanjaro.

This mountain can be trekked via many routes established by Tanzania national parks but we recommend Lemosho, Rongai, Marangu and Machame routes for the beginners while for expert or those with prior experience can use Umbwe route. We will be happy if you will choose our company tours to be your guide on Hiking Kilimanjaro Mountain and ask for best Kilimanjaro route to climb kilimanjaro.

Hints for Selecting Kilimanjaro Climbing Route.

In ascending and descending Mount Kilimanjaro many routes can be used. These routes have merits and demerits and the choice for any given personnel will rely to the great extent on their priorities. The following hints will help you to select the best route regarding to you wishes.

Marangu Route

This is the most popular and easiest route for Mount Kilimanjaro hiking. Due to its medium acclimatization it is well known as the coca cola route. The climbers will ascent and descent through the same trail experiencing 5 and 6 day climbs, though it has the lowest successes rate according Kilimanjaro national park.

This is because many of the climbers attempt this route in 5 days. The marangu route approaches Mount Kilimanjaro from the southeast using the same route in ascending and descending. This implies the route is less scenic compared to the others.

This is the best route for those climbers who do prefer not to camp. Climbers under this route can sleep in the dormitories hut type. These huts have the dining room, wash room and flushable toilets but in the lower parts of the route.
Sleeping in huts has its benefits but you have to know that you will be sharing the dormitory with other climbers.

Machame Route

For you Kilimanjaro hiking with smooth acclimatization and fascinating views Machame route is the best. We will take 6 and 7 days hiking Mount Kilimanjaro via Machame route. This option is the second in popularity among the climbers. This is one of the most recommended routes to trek Mount Kilimanjaro as it offers the great acclimatization allowing the climbers to walk high and sleep low and the result is to enjoy one of the highest summit success rate for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro compared to all routes. This route is also known as the whisky route.
It is the 7- day program to climb Kilimanjaro and offers a great acclimatization that allows the pre-summit day to be divided into two; this means you have two shorter days of trekking prior to your summit ascent.

This is the enjoyable way of climbing Kilimanjaro. Some of the key fact in ascending this route is we go through the terrains and climb in five different zones during this challenging trek but with highly success rate. This route allows travellers to walk high and sleep low enabling better acclimatization. Due to its high success rate this route can be crowded.

Umbwe Route.

This route connects the village of umbwe to Barranco campsite, this is possibly the most attractive official route hiking up Kilimanjaro but also the steepest and most dangerous as it is characterized with one short stretch of genuine rock. it is used as descent route, but it is not preferred by many tour operators. This is the well-known route for its caves. In the first night you will normally sleep at the Umbwe cave camp where you can visit two more caves then continue with the route the other day. This is one of the shortest routes to the southern glacier and the western breach. It is also one of the most scenic and non-technical route on Kilimanjaro.

Though there is higher risk involved when trying to summit through the western breach as there is no guarantee of your safety as the area is unstable and rock fall may occur at any time. Also during a normal summit we will sleep at Barafu camp where there is a risk for severe altitude sickness.
Many of the Umbwe route hikers are now re-routed to join the Machame route from night 2 on the mountain.

Lemosho route.

The route offers a captivating and attractive views original landscape and wildlife. Good acclimatization opportunities and the lowest number of the climbers. This is said to be the most recommended route to reach the route of Africa in 6, 7 and sometimes 8 days. This Lemosho route is one of the newly and preferred route to most of the climbers due to its beauty and high summit success rate. This route is also regarded as the most scenic route in Kilimanjaro due to its panoramic views on many sides of the mountains. We highly recommend choosing this route for hiking Kilimanjaro.

From the west we will approach Mount Kilimanjaro by driving from mosh to Londorossi gate where we will start the trekking. We will pass through the rainforest in the first two days and make our way to Shira ridge.

The trekkers will face low traffic until joining the Machame route from there we will follow the same path to lava tower, Barranco and Barafu. You have to know that good physical condition is required and it is possible to trek Kilimanjaro via Lemosho route in six days. But it is highly recommended to take 8 days so that you can achieve a proper acclimatization.

Northern Circuit

This route begins at Shira plateau this route pass across the attractive northern side of mount Kilimanjaro. This route is recommended for the beginners and also opened for those who are seeking remote and long Mount Kilimanjaro climbing. The Northern circuit is the place that joins up the northern side of Kilimanjaro and the western side. The area is still in its original views and very few hikers preferred to use the route.

On special request, we can arrange your hike using the northern circuit route as we can start the hike on the Rongai route and as an alternative of heading east towards Mawenzi peak.

You will head west towards the Shira plateau where you can join the Machame route, attempt the summit from the Barafu camp and descend through the Marangu route. You have to note that you will need to be prepared with a longer 8 to 9 days when hiking through this route

Rongai Route:

The route provides moderate acclimatization experience and it is fairly difficult overall, yet good for the beginners. It starts at the northern side of the mountain and goes through the coniferous forest providing the fantastic sceneries. This is one of the routes to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. This is a remote route and it is not often used. It is the second in the range of easy route of climbing Kilimanjaro This route has got different option as in the second day of this climb is divided into two days because it is very long.

Under this situation you can get a better acclimatization. The part that’s includes the ascent to Uhuru peak is the same than in the marangu route that leave from Kibo hut. You will be sleeping in tents during this mountain tour which will be pitched by porters.

Remember that the hike is tough and steep so you need to be fit. Warm clothes, sleeping bag, walking poles and other climbing gears are needed. The route consists of an approach from the north side of this mountain, which is less forested, and a descent via the Marangu route.

Best Kilimanjaro route to climb kilimanjaro.

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Best Kilimanjaro route to climb kilimanjaro.