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8 Days + 2 nighs in Moshi $1,830

6 Days + 2 nights in Moshi $1,530

7 Days + 2 nights in Moshi $1,680

6 Days + 2 nights in Moshi $1,610

8 Days on Kilimanjaro trek + 5 day Safari

6 Days on Kilimanjaro trek + 4 Day safari

7 Days on Kilimanjaro trek + 3 Day safari

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Kilimanjaro Guides

At the end of your Kilimanjaro trekking you will realise that without the guides you could not make it to the summit – Kilimanjaro guides places major roles during your trekking, they are your doctors, counselors, therapists and whoever then become to be during the trek. They are able to tell you how you do by just looking at your tearful eyes and are able to know whether you should proceed up trekking or go down. The Kilimanjaro guides have been on the mountain hundreds time calling Kilimanjaro their office from where they rise their lives.

It is Mount Kilimanjaro regulations that every client you have a licensed. So it is not possible to climb Kilimanjaro without a local licensed guide. Climbers will need to get registered with the Parks Authority before commencing their hike up Mount Kilimanjaro and at every camp as you trek you will need to sign in along the route you have chosen. As there are many routes up Mount Kilimanjaro trekkers are required to stay on official routes they have booked and are prohibited from using off tracks or shelter in caves. Cooking gas is used instead of wood fires.

The last two rules require appropriate camping with enough camping and food preparation gears. For this cause the typical Kilimanjaro hike will comprise of cook who will be preparing your food, porters who will be carrying your food, tents, trekking gears and your luggage and waiters who will be serving you during dinner and breakfast – lunch are normally offered based on lunch boxes. To climb Kilimanjaro you must obtain proper planning and paper-works to make it possible to climb Kilimanjaro.

The average ratio of trekkers to support crew is:

  • 1 trekker: 4 crews
  • 2 trekkers: 8 crews
  • 3 trekkers: 12 crews
  • 4 trekkers: 16 crews

Depending on the operator some tour companies offer few support crews and trekkers will need to carry more of their own gear (up to 12kg) which makes it hard to for trekkers to hike up.

The total arrangement of having to take a guide with a full support mountain crews including a cook and porters all along with paying Kilimanjaro entrance fee means that the average Kilimanjaro trekking costs will be between US$1,500 US$2,500 including 2 ways transfers, hotel before and after trek – this is also determined by the number of people in a group. That is the price offered by local operators, foreigner tour operators who offer treks over US$2,500 are most likely bringing the things you in reality won’t need on the mountain.

Kilimanjaro Guides and porters are an essential part of your trek.